SS x GMW Apple Cider Ginger Ale Cocktail Kit
SS x GMW Apple Cider Ginger Ale Cocktail Kit
SS x GMW Apple Cider Ginger Ale Cocktail Kit

SS x GMW Apple Cider Ginger Ale Cocktail Kit

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Dive into the holiday spirit with our Nanyo Cider & Stanford Shaw Ginger Ale Cocktail – a fusion of Stanford Shaw's Ginger Ale and the Nanyo Cider carried by Good Morning Wines. 

Immerse yourself in the crisp flavors of this holiday concoction, harmonizing tangy sweetness with a subtle effervescence. Remarkably light and refreshingly festive, this cocktail captures the very essence of the season. Elevate your experience by garnishing with cinnamon sticks and star anise for that extra cozy holiday feeling! 

Stanford Shaw's Ginger Ale, locally made in the Philippines, complements the Japanese-made Nanyo Cider. The Ginger Ale adds an invigorating kick, enhancing the essence of the cocktail. Made with a commitment to quality, Stanford Shaw's Ginger Ale is a perfect combination of spicy and sweet notes, providing a refreshing twist to the mix.

Nanyo Cider is a meticulously crafted blend of Fuji apples and La France pears sourced from Nanyo City, Yamagata prefecture made by Grape Republic. The pressed juice of the fruits is fermented and the cider is bottled with residual sugar, giving it a delicate, petillant effervescence. 

When the two drinks are combined with the spices, the cocktail offers a harmonious blend of flavors, where the off-dry Nanyo Cider, with its subtle fruitiness from Fuji apples and La France pears, meets the classic Stanford Shaw Ginger Ale. The cider's crisp apple and pear notes provide a refreshing counterpoint to the ginger ale's zesty ginger profile. The addition of a cinnamon stick introduces a gentle, warm spiciness, while the star anise adds a hint of licorice-like depth. This combination results in a layered taste experience that is both tangy and perfectly sweet, with a delightful interplay of fruit and spice.

Indulge in this symphony of flavors and celebrate the upcoming holiday season with this captivating cocktail!

Nanyo Cider

  • Alcohol Type: Cider
  • Volume of Cider: 330ml
  • Tasting Notes: Green Apples
  • ABV: 6.5%

Stanford Shaw Ginger Ale

  • Alcohol Type: Non-Alcoholic Carbonated Ginger Ale
  • Volume of Ginger Ale: 290ml
  • Tasting Notes: Balanced combination of ginger kick and citrus zing


  • 2 bottles Stanford Shaw Ginger Ale 290ml
  • 2 bottles Nanyo Cider 330ml
  • 2 packs of cinnamon
  • 2 packs of star anise
  • Recipe guide
  • Total Yield: Up to 8 cocktails

Available in limited quantities.